To ensure the predominately rural nature of Bedminster Township by monitoring any proposed significant development plan, evaluating the potential impact, increasing public awareness and responding accordingly.

Welcome to Bedminster Citizens for Sustainable Growth, a grass-roots group dedicated to maintaining the historic rural character of Bedminster Township in northern Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Like all of us, members of the new Bedminster Citizens for Sustainable Growth have witnessed large areas of Bucks County's natural beauty altered by housing and commercial development that suburbanized our land. Or they didn't help their elected officials by letting them know their true feelings.

We are a new group, and this is a brand new Website. Bedminster Citizens for Sustainable Growth wants to make sure that of all the voices that help supervisors make decisions that the voices of voters and residents is heard and respected. We're not opposed to growth. We support growth that preserves the environment, our history and our way of life.

We live here because we value rural values and don't want to live in a suburb. Bedminster residents have let their voices be heard before, and prevailed. The township so far has done a great job respecting the history and lifestyle of this area. We want to help make sure that continues.

Residents may feel the battles are over. But we think complacency isn't warranted. As recent efforts by the Piper Group to develop Bedminster land attests, development is ...a story that is still developing.  

It gets down to this: What kind of place do we want to be? If we continue to build with insufficient restrictions, this beautiful rural township will soon end up looking like the many cities and suburbs throughout the region - full of paved surfaces, housing developments, shopping malls and clogged roads. Developers win; the citizens and environment lose.

We welcome your input. Your home is your biggest investment. Improving your life and the life of those around you, is your biggest job. Let's work together!